Travel Theme: Walls

For this week’s theme Ailsa at ‘Where’s my Backpack’ chose walls. This is a perfect theme for me as the Cusco area is full of old ruins and walls, so the following is a collection of photos from different sights around Cusco.

Andenes Zurite

Andenes Zurite

Andenes Zurite is a large complex of terraces just 10 min down the road from Huarocondo, the site is currently being used by the Peruvian Government (dept. of agriculture I believe). These terraces are still farmed and during the week you can buy fresh cheese.




Chinchero is a fairly well visited location as it is on most Sacred Valley tours, unfortunately most of the tour companies go straight to the church and never take the tourists to the ruins that are to the left of the Church.




Another sight that is seldom visited is Killarumiyoq, this sight offers some interesting sights that include some Petroglyphs by a cave, as well as the moon stone, which is a large rock with a stepped half-moon cutout.


Sun Temple at Machu Picchu

Sun Temple at Machu Picchu

I think anyone that has visited Machu Picchu has seen the “Temple of the Sun”; this amazing wall is perfectly fit to the rock it sits on.




Another rarely seen sight is Pikillaqta; this pre-Inca site is thought to be a fortress of some kind with this defensive type wall almost completely surrounding the main sight.




Tarawasi is located to the West of Cusco and is another seldom visited location, while the size of the sight is not as grand as some of the others; it still contains some excellent examples of Inca masonry.




Tipon is another sight in the Southern valley; this is a large site consisting mostly of terraces and still has some fountains that run year round.


I hope everyone enjoyed my contribution to walls, to check out Ailsa’s pictures at ‘Where’s my Backpack’ click on the link below

About Lyle

I love travel and recently owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast in Cusco Peru called GringoWasi with my beautiful Peruvian wife, the property is located in the small town of Huarocondo, and about 30 minutes West of Cusco Peru. Currently we are living back in Las Vegas and have put our property in Cusco up for sale.
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18 Responses to Travel Theme: Walls

  1. love the Tarawasi (hope I’ve spelt that correctly) one. Would love to come to your b and b 🙂

  2. schlomorig says:

    Nice post ! I never heard of tarawasi and I want to visit killarumiyoq !! More things to do for my next trip to Cusco. Thanks

    • Lyle says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post, for reference both sights are to the West of Cusco, Killarumiyoq is about 45 min from our place, so maybe 1-1/2 hrs from Cusco, with Tarawasi being another 45min – 1 hr further.

  3. Excellent wall choices! I am, predictably, most blown away with the Temple of the Sun–how on earth can that tower simply grow out of a monolith??

  4. All great selections – I especially like Pikillaqta!

  5. Jo Bryant says:

    love these…mostof these places I have never heard of so thank you for sharing them

  6. Love your photos – especially Pikillaqta. Machu Picchu has been on my life list for a long time, but now I’ve added several other sites to take in when I finally make it down your way. Thanks for sharing (and ‘liking’ my post as well)!

    • Lyle says:

      Enjoyed your pics. as well, especially liked to one in Cairo, look forward to getting there one day. Hope you make it here someday; it is an amazing place full of ruins.

  7. loganbruin says:

    First I ever heard of petroglyphs in Peru, thanks. But no shots of Sexy Woman? ;o)

  8. petit4chocolatier says:

    Beautiful walls! I especially love Pikillaqta 🙂

  9. rommel says:

    Exquisite collection of walls!!! Wow! Really lots of awe-striking finds. Can’t pick a favorite, but I’m leaning more towards the stone-walled church.

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