Huarocondo to Machu Picchu on Foot

In January of this year, we had a very nice young man by the name
of Martin stay a night with us, we had an opportunity to sit and
chat with him for a while the morning he was leaving, and we
learned he was traveling cross country to Machu Picchu. His plan
for that morning was to travel a couple of miles down the dirt
road to the north, then turn west and follow a canyon, cross a
low saddle (approx. 4000m), dropping into another canyon that
would take him again north towards Machu Picchu. We sent him off
that morning with a small bag of fresh coffee and some almonds,
we were all happy to hear that he survived his adventure,
unfortunately he was unable to make it to Machu Picchu. Upon
reaching civilization again Martin sent us an e-mail, letting us
know that he had made it okay, briefly describing his adventure
and with a few pictures attached. I have posted the pictures on
our Facebook page, and his e-mail is listed below,(with his
permission of corse) I have copied the e-mail as sent and not made
any changes or edits, hope you enjoy the narrative. For reference,
Alba and Tom (aka The Brit and the American), are another set of
guests that were staying with us at that time.

Hey Lilian & Lyle and Alba & Tom,
i´m that german guy, who wanted to hike from your hostel to the
Machu Pitch. I did very well i´m happy about that experience. The
area were you found a new stay is perfect for those kind of
activities. You supported me well with a strong breakfast and
for couple of cold mornings with a hot coffee :-) The next Time
i visit peru, i´ll come again to Gringo Wasi and complete the
idea of that hike.

 The weather conditions could have been better, but a little bit
of rain during the day was good for a cold refreshing shower. My
sleeping bag got every night a little bit wet. That was´t a big
deal, because i used the few sun rays to let it dry. Technically
everything was fine after five days of hiking. I even felt free
of any physical pain, especially muscle strains. But i figured
out, that a payment didn´t arrive on my bank account. So i would
run low in cash after paying the ticket for Machu Pitch and
returning after that to Lima. That´s when i was too german and
choose to go the save way :-(  I´ll return one day to south
america and do again that hike and this time really to the machu
pitchu. My navigation system also work well. I had for about every
8 mile a waypoint saved on my gps. it became a game of figuring
out the right way to go. All the time you have to focus on the
environment and be part of of your surrounds. Sometime you can't
know that you´re on the wrong way, but when you realize you should
understand that you did a mistake and be fine about it, otherwise
you wouldn´t be able to return. After a few day of during just
that you get very close to yourself. i eat the best food in my
life there. Normally i feel always a bit tired after a meal. But
the food i got offered there, freshly from the farms, had not
only a unique taste it really gave me energy.

The first two days were no challencing tracks. On the third day
i entered more remote areas. I took a track above a better one
half mile lower. Sometimes heavy rain caused strong erosion on
that track. So to continue i had to pass lose and wet soil. If
you slip, you would not be able to stop again of rolling for
half a mile. Once i look in the eye of death. The track was for
about a meter completely gone, like a kind of a whole. i could´t
jump, because the track was to small. i always had to push myself
agains the plants on the up going side. The only chance i had,
was holding my self on two grass bushes. If they could´t hold my
100kg of weight for two seconds, this email might have never be
written. That was just fun. Now i know defiantly that i´m crazy

After my exams in end of Feb. i´ll do some mountain biking through
germany. i did something similar before, for just a week. but this
time, i´ll go through Germany for 1 or even up to 2 months. I
learned the last time to be well cold protected and have a good
navigation. In the internet i found a map for about 100 Dollars
of Germany. Every single hiking, biking, whatever track can be
found on that map. I tried to calculate a route on the computer
far away from any highways or major car tracks. And i could´t
believe the results, there were just perfect. It sounds a bit much
of high tech to get navigated on hiking tracks through the forest,
but if you go by bike, the last thing you want to waste your time
on is navigating. Nothing will stop me from cycling mostly on
hiking tracks with my mountain bike from freiburg (the largest
most south west city in germany) to the north sea, maybe i can
see UK. Than i´ll continue to the east see. After that to Berlin
and from there back to the south, Munich, over the alps to
freiburg. All together i´ll cycle more that 1000 miles by bike. 
And this will be just the begin of my adventures ;-)

About Lyle

I love travel and currently own and operate a Bed and Breakfast called GringoWasi with my beautiful Peruvian wife, the property is located in the small town of Huarocondo, and about 30 minutes West of Cusco Peru.
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