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I have just realized that I have been a bad toad, while I have included a link to our page; I have not yet talked about our bed & breakfast ‘GringoWasi’, so here goes.

GringoWasi Windows

GringoWasi Windows

My wife and I relocated to Huarocondo Peru back in August of 2012; we opened a bed and breakfast and named it GringoWasi. When we started thinking about a name, we turned to our friends and family on Facebook and first asked for suggestions. We then narrowed the suggested names down to about 5 that we felt were catchy and would be a good fit, and then posted these choices for a vote.

GringoWasi Common Room

Common/TV Room

Two names ended up on the top with the same number of votes, theses were ‘GringoWasi’ and ‘PachaWasi’. Initially we thought the translation for PachaWasi would be ‘Earth House’, which would have been a good fit as the property is adobe. Further research showed the translation to be more like ‘Dirt House’ or even ‘Dirty House’. Due to this we decided to go with GringoWasi, which translates to ‘Gringo’s House’, myself being a ‘Gringo’ we felt this to be appropriate.

GringoWasi Patio


The structure is two stories and, as I previously mentioned, adobe. This makes for an interesting home as the walls on the ground floor are almost three feet thick, and the second floor walls are nearly two feet thick. The style of the home is a typical open courtyard construction with kitchen, dining room, family room and one bed room on the ground floor, and bedrooms, in this case 6, on the second floor.

GringoWasi New Bathroom

New Bathroom

One of the first things we had to deal with when we moved in was the property was previously being used as a hostel. Consequently there were 22 beds in the 6 rooms upstairs and only one bathroom. Since moving in, we have reduced the number of beds and added 2 more bathrooms upstairs, with the end goal being to have a bathroom for each bedroom, which will reduce the total number of rooms to 5.

Town of Huarocondo, Peru

Huarocondo seen from a distance

One of the reasons we chose the town of Huarocondo, is it’s a quaint little farming community that is well known for its Lechon or roast pig. Every year there is a big Lechon festival in November followed by a celebration for the founding of the town. Huarocondo is actually known locally as ‘The Capital of Lechon’, and we have been told that during the festival the town will go through roughly 600 pigs. The pigs are well seasoned and slow roasted in large adobe ovens, for around 5 hours, which makes them very tender and juicy, a must try if visiting the Cusco region.

Huarocondo Lechon Festival

Lechon Festival

Plate of Lechon

Plate of Lechon with Bread and Tamale

Small Adobe Oven

Adobe Oven

Another reason is the location itself, you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful valley, with its green rolling hills, fields of growing produce, and warm friendly people. Huarocondo is also close to all the sights in and around Cusco to be convenient for tourists, but also far enough away to not be touristy. This meant that you can actually sit in the main plaza and nobody will try and sell you any souvenirs, try that in Cusco. We really love our new home and are starting to feel like part of the community, I have even acquired a nick name; some of the locals are calling me ‘Mr. Wasi’.

Huarocondo Church

Church and Main Plaza in Huarocondo

If you are planning a trip to the Cusco region, and want to experience a real Peruvian town, remember us. Not only will we treat you like family, but you will feel like part of the community while you are here, whether it is for a day, a weak, or even longer.

Kids in Huarocondo

Local Kids


About Lyle

I love travel and currently own and operate a Bed and Breakfast called GringoWasi with my beautiful Peruvian wife, the property is located in the small town of Huarocondo, and about 30 minutes West of Cusco Peru.
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4 Responses to About GringoWasi

  1. Loca Gringa says:

    Idyllic! Next story, the “How to cook in an adobe oven” (just a thought) 😀 I wonder if they use those in DR. You have a beautiful location!

  2. Hi Lyle,
    Great writing! Maybe one day I will be able to follow your example and do the same for Serenity Gardens B&B. I just keep putting off starting a blog but I haven’t given up. Just seeing your photos reminds me of our stay with you in January. What a wonderful place you have and you are the best hosts anyone could ask for in Peru. My new passport arrived today!

    • Lyle says:

      Glad to hear the new passport arrived, thanks for the kind words and I am sure you will get your blog going. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

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