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Since moving to The Cusco region back in August of 2012 we have been using and recommending to our guests a local tour agency called Viajes Cusco. So I thought I would take some time to share with everyone some of the reasons that we chose them and some of our opinions.

Let me first start by saying that we receive no commissions or other compensation from Viajes Cusco, for any of our referrals or this blog, these are my honest thoughts, opinions and experiences in dealing with them.

When we moved to Cusco and opened GringoWasi back in August 2012, we knew that we would have guests that would need help in booking their tours. Because of this we spent time visiting the offices of many of the local tour agencies, introducing ourselves and requesting information on their tour options and pricing. While it might have just been luck, the owner Johan was at the Viajes Cusco office the day that we came by, not only was he very friendly and seemed interested in working with us, he was the only one that ever sent us information or did any kind of follow-up with us after the initial visit.

So after almost a full week of visiting agencies and talking to owners and/or managers, or at least those claiming to be, we decided that Viajes Cusco was the agency that we wanted to work with. While the main reasons for this decision were that they offered all of the normal tours that people tend to want (Cusco City tours, Sacred Valley tours and Machu Picchu), and they were also one of the better priced agency’s that we found. The fact that they were one of the only companies that followed up and seemed interested in working with us, only helped to make the decision easier.

So in the roughly year and four months that we have been working with them, we have never been sorry we chose to work with them, quite the opposite we have actually been glad on a couple of occasions as Johan has gone out of his way on a few occasions, to make sure that his customers (our guests) were taken care of. The best example of this that comes to mind is one couple that had booked a two day Machu Picchu tour, upon arrival in Cusco; I took them to Viajes office for their tour briefing. The briefing went as usual with the Viajes rep describing their day, and telling them the guide would be by their hotel in Aguas Calientes, at 8:00pm to give them the details of when, and where to meet the next morning for the tour, he also mentioned that the tours generally start at 7:00am. Unfortunately the couple got the times mixed up, so when the guide failed to show at the hotel at 7:00pm, they left to go have dinner. The guide of course showed up at 8:00pm and the guests were not there, so when they got to the entrance of Machu Picchu at 8:00am (one hour late), they were unable to locate their group.

Fortunately when the guests failed to show at 7:00am, the guide called Johan to inform him the guests were not there. Johan then started making calls until he found a group that had space (group sizes are limited) and got them into that group. The down side of course is that from the guest’s point of view, the guide never showed for the briefing, and their tour started late. I of course know the truth as I was there with them at the briefing and know the agent said 8:00pm at the hotel. None the less what Johan did, known or unknown by the guest, went above and beyond in my opinion, he could have just as easily have said “sorry, you weren’t there on time”, and left it at that.

I know that there are many agencies in Cusco, and I am sure that many of them are excellent companies to use. While there may be bigger companies that do more high-end tours, or maybe offer more options. In my opinion, Viajes is the best overall choice; they are reasonably priced and have demonstrated to me that they genuinely care about their customers, something that seems more and more uncommon these days.

So if you are considering a trip to Cusco, and are looking for a good tour agency, might I recommend Viajes Cusco. They have taken good care of our guests here at GringoWasi, and I am sure they will take good care of you to.


About Lyle

I love travel and currently own and operate a Bed and Breakfast called GringoWasi with my beautiful Peruvian wife, the property is located in the small town of Huarocondo, and about 30 minutes West of Cusco Peru.
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8 Responses to Viajes Cusco

  1. pmaghamfar says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of blogs recently and so many people travel to Cusco, it must be very special. Whenever I read of someone’s interest in Cusco, I always tell them to find GringoWasi!

  2. CK's Blog says:

    If ever I get enough money together, Nicholas and I will come and stay are your place… love this blog. Christine (Le Grand Chemin de la Vie, France)

  3. Tammi Kale says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your posts!

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